Gaia Heart Connection Workshop

A Workshop to Sacredly Connect our Hearts with Mother Gaia’s Heart for Healing, Hope, and Celebrating Our Sacred Life and Sacred Earth!

Led by Mare Cromwell, Gaia Priestess, Mystic, Healer & Author

and Marieke Akgul, Gaia & Animal Communicator

Sunday 15 october 2017 at 9.30 – 17.00 hours

Come join us for a purifying day to honor Mother Earth/Gaia, to reconnect with her on a personal level. You are invited to remember how to feel her energetic presence and eventually help you hear her soft voice.


We will not only learn how to help Mother Earth heal during the workshop but will also heal ourselves in her presence by reconnecting to her, one of our foremost sources of Love and Wisdom. She is our true primordial Mother and there for us beyond what a human mother provides. The Love that Mother Earth has for us is beyond immense and she is calling us Home. She is also calling for us to step into our fullest selves during these interesting times to support her and the New World coming in.


All ceremonies, rituals, guided meditations, teachings and exercises during the workshop will be held in a sacred loving space. Partially outdoors and partially indoors, we will be using shamanic elements like sacred fire, prayer ties, journey & meditation-activation, drumming, etc., to support us throughout the sacred day.


We will do ceremony to release what is no longer needed and to manifest a far closer relationship with Mother Earth to creating a loving base on which we can continue to develop our own relationship with our Great Mother Gaia after this workshop.


Join Gaia Priestess, mystic, healer and author Mare Cromwell (USA) and Gaia & animals Communicator Marieke Akgul (Netherlands) for this Unique and Sacred transformative event.


During the work shop we will:

  • Start with individual spiritual blessings and Gaia energy clearings.
  • Create prayer ties in a ceremony to set our intentions for the day.
  • Initiate the ceremony with the sacred fire.
  • Receive teachings by Mare Cromwell: An orientation to Gaia, who she is and her role on Earth. What is the relationship between Mother Gaia, the Christ Consciousness, Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kali and other Divine Feminine beings in support of the Ascension currently happening.
  • Receive teachings from Mare and Marieke: Sacred Ways to honor Gaia and be more spiritually connected with her and her Quantum Divine Love.
  • Receive teachings from Marieke: learn the telepathy basics, develop your spiritual inner ear, listen and see what or whom you hear.
  • Connect with the sacredness of your food to enhance your divine connection with Mother and all that she provides us.
  • Participate in a guided meditation to activate your sacred relationship with Mother Gaia
  • Participate in a guided meditation to learn how to nourish Mother Earth with Divine Love so she can better restore herself and the balance of Life.
  • Participate in a guided meditation to open up your telepathic skills.
  • Have time to reflect, release pain, shed our cultural conditioning via ceremony at the Sacred Fire.
  • Practice connecting to develop the skills to even hear Mother Gaia yourself.
  • Participate in the Sacred Fire Closing Ceremony


This day will be a rich, transformative celebration of Quantum Divine Love from Mother Gaia and Creator that promises to be healing not only for each participant but for the region at large, as the ripple effects of this event (and ceremony) will extend far beyond the Pacha Mama center. Come join us to help bring in the New World with love, joy and a deep sense of service to serve the highest good for Divine Plan Alignment for today and into the next seven generations and beyond. Our ancestors are waiting for us, along with future generations yet unborn, to step forward at this time.

Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Priestess, Mystic, author and healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. She has devoted her life to the Great Mother and midwifing the New World coming in now.

Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number….”.

Mare has studied with Native American elders for 21 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers. Rainbow Thunder Heart/Bavado, a gifted Shoshone Elder, referred to her as the “Voice of Earth Mother”. Another gifted elder informed Mare that her work with Mother Gaia is in the prophecies, not her name but that someone would surrender to serve Gaia to the extent that she has.

Mare sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering. She is also organizing the Gaia Wisdom Gathering in the Washington D.C. region late May, 2018. She lives in western Maryland, is a former worm herder, and absolutely loves Sacred Silliness!

Marieke Akgul is a gifted Animal, Crystal and Gaia Communicator from Holland. Shamanism is her path and many physical and spiritual teachers from all kinds of realms and World directions are helping to develop herself.

Twirling Blue Star Woman is the name given to her by spirit during ceremony at Dance to Heal the Earth in which she is a dancer, connecting all that needs to be connected and releasing all that needs to be released.

She loves to support people in a humorous but direct way to develop themselves in finding their own path and strength so they can truely express themselves how their soul chooses for this lifetime.

Special offer

All attendees who book both workshops in the weekend of 14 and 15 october will receive a free copy of Mare’s award winning book: ‘Messages from Mother…… Earth Mother’

This includes:

14 october:  Sacred Gardening – Sacred Earth

15 october: Gaia Heart Connection

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When: Sunday 15 october 2017 09:30 – 17:00 hours

Costs: € 119,-

Payments: Payment can be made through Ideal by clicking on this link: Payment ‘Gaia Heart Connection Workshop‘ or by banktransfer to NL61 TRIO t.n.v. DierenDialoog o.v.v. ‘Gaia Heart Connection’

Centrum Pacha Mama BV
Mearsterpaed 8
9081 AK Lekkum (bij Leeuwarden)
T: 058-7851185


Note: The workshop will be part indoors and part outdoors. Please dress appropriately. More details to be sent upon registration.

Refund Policy: No refunds after 10 days prior to the wksp. Refunds minus $30 admin fee up to 10 days prior to the event. In case of bad weather, the entire workshop will be held indoors. (We will pray for a nice day!  Sundances invited!).

For more information:

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Photo courtesy of Josephine Wall